Boxer Shorts Rebellion

Roll out are the words that every OPP/HOD  inmate yearns to hear. They mean only one thing- a get out of Jail Card has just been issued for YOU!!! When the defendant heard that at 8 pm on a Saturday night, he thought he was dreaming! However, his cell mates, who heard his name and ROLL OUT, were simply in awe of his good fortune and power. Getting out past dark on Saturday night,  only a total of TWO guys were released at that day and hour!

As an older white person,  he’s expected to roll out at any time, and he always does, due to the excellent work of his attorney Stephen Gernhauser.  Steve calls the Judge at home multiple times until the Judge frees him, and therefore is worth his weight in platinum and gold!! Now he always deserve to get out of jail, since he didn’t commit the crime, and each time he’s  arrested it’s due to some MISTAKE by the D.A., Criminal Sheriff, NOPD, etc.

Now he went to jail wearing the wrong underwear. Just recently his wife commented that his old pair of tidy whities were worn out with several small holes in the back and front.  The only correct type of underwear for a man to wear to jail are boxer shorts.  Now he’s a real man who doesn’t give a damn about his holy underwear, and he wore them without his jumpsuit when it was hot, and no one made any comments.

As he was leaving his cell, all excited by this sudden change of events, Ray, the informal head of the in crowd asked him for his underwear! His tidy whities with all the holes were suddenly in demand. Actually, Ray forgot about his underwear and figured he was wearing boxers like literally everyone else. New inmates only the underwear they are wearing and it’s hot in jail, and have to wash your underwear by hand every day or every day. Ray was being his usual opportunist self. He kept his underwear to leave jail in.

Tidy Whities

Tidy Whities

Boxer Shorts

Boxer Shorts

Even if your lawyer has problems, like residing in CA instead of LA, that doesn’t mean he cannot exert his influence with my judge. This time he called the Judge three times at home, that’s what the Judge said! That got him out and got the judge to say he expected him to come out of the other door in a OPP orange jumpsuit,  not in civilian clothes from the street side.That’s OK because the Judge cannot be expected to remember a two and a half year old case.

Every time he’s sent to jail, inmates state they thought he looked like an attorney, not an inmate. When he gets out at 8 pm on a Saturday night, he perpetuates the stereotype of  a powerful white guy with reach to a Judge on Saturday evening.


~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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