Turns out the whole damned incident that got the defendant in trouble was a neighbor of his just two houses down!!! For two years my guy was being nice to the jackass who wrongly identified the defendant, and gave the cops his first name and the house he lived in!  The reason my guy didn’t know the neighbor was the one who gave the cops the wrong identity is because the former defendant’s attorney, in his wisdom, never supplied the defendant with the case paperwork until 2 days before the trial. This prevented my guy from identifying his stupid neighbor until the trial was over and he discovered the address of the stupid, lying jackass .

Later in the case, this jackass further lied to the D.A., telling them that the defendant threw rocks at his house.  Totally untrue, since the former defendant never knew during the multiple year case that his neighbor made up lies to the police and D.A. twice.

This killed any chance for the case being settled in a deal because the D.A. felt the rock throwing incident was witness intimidation. The D. A. apparently never investigated the made up incidents, and he never notified the Court about the made up rock throwing incident.

The D.A. refused to do what the judge and the defendant’s attorney thought would happen because of this fake incident, and settle the case prior to trial.

Once the jury found the defendant not guilty unanimously, the jackass neighbor has approached the former defendant immediately, to lie once again. He then asked my guy to treat his family well. That is a galling and very ironic statement, because he was the one who treated the former defendant and his family extremely poorly by making up these false IDs telling the police incorrectly that the defendant stole the laptop and threw rocks at his house.

He told my guy that he didn’t go to court to testify because he spoke to some mutual friends of himself and the defendant, and was told my guy was a good family man.

What comes around goes around. After all the damage he’s caused to the defendant’s family, it turns out the jackass and his family now fear the defendant, who is free because he didn’t commit the crime. Obviously the jackass and his family thought the defendant would be serving hard time now, not living 40 yards  away.

He told the court something else entirely, that he was out of town but on I-10 at Read Boulevard, and heading straight to court right before closing statements, his absolute last chance to squeeze in his made up testimony.  After delaying proceedings to wait for the jackass, he never showed up, annoying Judge Ben Willard substantially. The jackass neighbor was subpoenaed to tell the judge why he never showed up for court.

The former defendant is no threat to anyone. He is as peaceful a fellow as you can find. That the jackass would lie for no reason about him and put my guy and his family through two years of hell is a huge mystery to me.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 8, 2010.

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