OPP Jailhouse Booze Recipe

Jailhouse booze recipe

Modern Drunkard Magazine Graphic and Story

Guzman serves two beverages with all meals, 8 oz milk at Breakfast, and an amorphous ‘Juice ‘ Kool Aid,  the same for all dinners and lunches, it’s a no flavor minimally fruity/bubble gum super crappy drink. Inmates like to add canned fruit juice, any amount will do, to help this juice along.

Take the three gallons of ‘juice’ out of the commercial portable four gallon beverage dispenser. You have to be in the ‘click’ to obtain extra rations. That amount of juice serves a meal’s amount for 12-17 inmates in the Receiving Tier. Pour juice into a clear clean garbage bag, then double and triple it. Add 30 packs of sugar purchased from jail store. Obtain two hairnets, then place a dozen slices of bread into the hair nets, tie up, and add to the sugary liquid.  Place the concoction  into a orange OPP jumpsuit.

Hide under a bunk in the further recesses of whatever multiple person jail space in OPP land. Ten days later,  strain liquid using the hair nets after removing the bread. If sipped in small amounts slowly, this amount will get a gaggle of inmates drunk but also sick in their stomachs.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 30, 2010.

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