Total Diversion and Judge Disconnect

May 2010  Avoiding Diversion but taking drug screens prior to checking into court every 3 months has been the norm for my guy the last half a year. Diversion is overwhelmed with a huge glut of enrollees and counselors who don’t know their cases and only deal with the most severe noncompliants. After speaking with the Diversion Counselor, non compliance was the order of the day, and the court would decide the fate of the chargee.  When court rolled around later that morning, the D.A. told the Judge Benedict Willard the defendant was in compliance.

September 2010 New major judge disconnect!! In court this week, the judge took notice and was annoyed by the fact that the case has dragged on for over two years.  He said he didn’t care about Diversion anymore, he wanted to schedule the trial! What the judge forgot is the disconnect. The D.A. doubled the length of Diversion, and simple burglary has a two year program! That long term ran into the judge like a buzz saw.  His sense of fairness was upset as a speedy resolution of the case is impossible when Diversion is two years long.

~ by neworleansmusicman on May 30, 2010.

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