There’s only two ways to get Remand in Custody instead of Bail when you are arraigned for whatever.

1. The police think  a fairly violent crime has been committed, and they don’t trust said person in the neighborhood.  The judge, who usually agrees with this assessment, orders jail without bond, or in Orleans Parish Prison lingo,  remand.

2.  You piss the judge off.  There are a million ways to do this, all with the same result,  jail with no bail, straight from the courtroom.  Many times no one sets out to make the judge mad, but that is what the end result is.  Cry in front of the judge, and make a scene, and it’s remand.  Get ordered to take a drug screen (the Criminal Court Building has it’s own drug testing set up) and fail.

Remand in Orleans Parish can be for a weekend, five days, ten days, 15 days,  or a month.

There is one silver lining in the remand universe: No bail! As bail can cost hundreds, thousands, or many thousands of dollars, it saves substantial green backs for the individual.


~ by neworleansmusicman on June 18, 2009.

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